Almudena Alcaide FIRM

by Almudena Alcaide

Olive Bra

90 €

That feeling when you find the perfect fit bra. This is a demi cup sheer bra with underwire.

New York City-Madrid

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That feeling when you find the perfect fit bra

This is a demi cup sheer bra with underwire. It gives the extra support you need without changing your natural shape. It’s also racer-back convertible.

It took me over a year to master this perfect shape and make sure that it fits all kinds of bodies because we truly believe in diversity and beauty beyond trends.

These are the details of the bra:

  1. Demi cup bra with underwire made out of tulle and lace.
  2. Adjustable racer-back hook and eye to cross over your back and be able to wear with sleeveless tops. This function also enhances the breast natural shape and straightness the posture.
  3. 100% made in Spain by expert hands and sustainable conditions.
  4. Color: Olive and Scarlet.
  5. Hand died and with nickel free underwire to protect our skin.
  6. 100% Soft cotton tulle and lace to allow the breathability of our body.
  7. Hand wash with water and neutral shop only.

Almu lingerie has been showcased in Elle Spain, Glamour TV, I+D Magazine, Vice Spain, Vein, Grazia etc.

This product is made in Sierra Morena, Spain
by María's Atelier


This design has been produced by the designer and a 5 women atelier located in Sierra Morena, on the southern region of Spain called Andalusia. Almudena dyed the fabrics directly by hand.

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50% Production gross cost

25% Designers gross income

25% NoFirm gross income

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