Basic Principals

If being a designer is really your calling, why would you plagiarise? Everything you need is within you. It’s time to trust in your ability to bring something new into the world and share it far and wide.

Our Basic Principals

Each design must be submitted in a clear and honest way.

Our community is based on respect, trust and communication. We ask that you be professional when submitting the materials for your design. To participate in NO FIRM you must have a final prototype, patterns and a photo shoot. Don’t hide or neglect small errors that could affect the development of your idea, and don’t manipulate photos to show something that isn’t real. But please do tell us about your concerns by sending Nuria an email at, and enjoy the freedom that comes with being honest. We are here to share your experience.

Each design must respect our sense of community and fellowship.

NO FIRM is a brand and a community of people with a shared fashion purpose. No designs may include phobic or discriminatory expressions. 

Brand rules

The only requirement for being a NO FIRM member is the desire for a healthy relationship with fashion.

Many of us turned to NO FIRM because we were tired of disconnected fashion that was deaf to the times. Others were simply interested in the brand. Regardless, we share a desire to find a new way to make and consume fashion, and this is where it can happen. Welcome.

Nothing is more important than the common good.

NO FIRM is a safe space where people share from a place of mutual respect. We do not allow obscene, violent or questionable content in this space, nor copyrighted content without permission. If you don’t like a design, that’s fine! Save your energy for other fantastic designs. When you converse with someone or post a comment, do so with an enthusiasm for learning and contributing to a large community.


If you see something that seems inappropriate, let us know. The best way to maintain a safe and peaceful environment is with your help. We read all complaints and set limits when necessary, from sending a warning to closing a user account. Your support as a community member is essential.

Best Practices

Be yourself!

Whether you are a customer or a designer, be honest and clear when providing information. When you fill in the details of your profile, try to describe yourself in a simple and clear way. For your avatar, we suggest using a recent photo where your face is visible so you can be easily identified by your friends and fans when you share things with them.

Be careful with payment and shipping details.

When you enter your address and payment information, make sure everything is correct. An error in the address could delay your order, or even cancel it. Take a few minutes to look it over.

Share your discoveries with the world.

When you find an amazing design, a brilliant designer, or a Want you identify with, recommend it, share it and let it be known! If it inspired you, it will most likely inspire others. And if NO FIRM simply gives you a great feeling of belonging and motivation, invite your contacts to join the community. 

Choose yourself! 

At NO FIRM we all have the chance to decide what gets made and to what degree we express our creativity. If you are a customer who knows what you want to wear but can’t find it, go ahead and post a Want. If you are a designer you’ll get a wonderful opportunity to show the world your work. Make yourself at home and have fun. The worst that could happen is that nothing happens at all.

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