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...After a deep breath she opened her eyes before the immensity of the desert, where the sound of silence bursts eardrums with the howling wind, where the soul amplifies its voice and the encounter is unavoidable…and decided to break with her past to commence a new cycle, a new life where she knew that finally, she would find her place… The love of beauty, the experiences gathered in pursuit of the primal traditions of the world, diving amongst the lights and shadows weaving together each of those loose ends that sometimes hurt…and others too, but above all to transform, giving way to what one is, where one feels…is what brought about this dream with a name of its own, where I became not only a thinker, but a producer and doer, moved by my passion, my work and a profound joy that flooded me when realizing that carrying it out was what I had always been seeking. And so it was…and so it IS. My name is “Verónica Gutgar” and I am a conscious and sustainable firm. I was born with the purpose of offering an alternative to all women who value and have interest for things made well and with care, where details are relevant, where the hand leaves its mark instead of impersonal machines, where the use of quality natural fibers is valued, respecting nature and contributing to the sustainability of our planet. For all the women who seek and are able to recognize exclusivity, quality, design and craftsmanship, qualities incompatible with that high speed train that is fashion as we know it today; uniformed, laden with stress and slavery. The workshop where all the pieces in this collection are born and created is located in my city of origin, Alicante, on the East coast of Spain. It’s a beautiful place, luminous and with strong creative energy, and it’s there I myself gradually bring to life each of the garments I will present you. This is my first collection, “Verónica Gutgar by me”, after 8 years of experience in bespoke dressmaking, as a pattern maker at an Haute Couture workshop in my native town, among other things. I am a designer and tailor in my own workshop, in which I carry out the whole production process, including the design, pattern making, cutting and crafting of the garment. I am an artisan. I attend to wonderful women who give me the chance to dress and embellish through each of the garments created exclusively for them. These include streetwear dresses, dresses for events, and bridal dresses. I also carry out consulting jobs in pattern making, solving problems which fashion firms encounter in this discipline. Above all, I greatly enjoy each job I undertake. I am inspired by my trips to remote places with breathtaking scenery, authentic people who are not afraid to be, dance, classical music, and a great character as is Balenciaga – not just because of his work, but because of his personality, his perseverance and his holistic approach to dressmaking. I am inspired by ancestral, ancient and traditional cultures of countries that still preserve their wisdom with great respect and presence, as well as their craftsmanship riddled with secret messages that I am passionate about discovering.

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