Below we will explain how NO FIRM works, step by step. You will see how you get a voice within the brand and how fashion as you know it is about to change.


The main purpose of NO FIRM is to bring fashion back to the real world. We provide a safe space for designers and customers to share their desires, needs, aspirations and personal creations in order to create real fashion made by and for people like you. 

The Basics

The only requirement for being a NO FIRM member is the desire for a healthy relationship with fashion.

Many of us turned to NO FIRM because we were tired of disconnected fashion that was deaf to the times. Others were simply interested in the brand. Regardless, we share a desire to find a new way to make and consume fashion and this is where it can happen. Welcome.

As a company, NO FIRM handles platform maintenance, management, production, design quality, and customer shipping and returns.

Our part of the work basically consists of ensuring a space for responsible creation and consumption that is non-speculative, transparent and inclusive for anyone who wishes to join. The designers design, and the customers decide what gets made and in what quantity. NO FIRM handles production, quality, delivery, returns, customer service, and, most importantly, ensuring an excellent brand experience.

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