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Heavy Metal

Creating a Want

What is included in a Want?

A Want must include a descriptive phrase and a photo. The more precise the phrase, the tighter the Want will be, because people who join it will identify with something specific. The photo gives an even better idea. It can be something tangible, like a particular garment, or something more abstract, like a sketch.

Anyone who joins a Want can post additional content to inspire and motivate designers. They can post text and/or images as many times as they wish. 

How many Wants can I create?

As a member of the NO FIRM community you can create as many Wants as you’d like. Remember that Wants with more people get more traction, so in some cases it might be better to join one that already exists.

We review Wants before they are published to avoid illicit content.

How do I know when a Want I belong to has design proposals?

If you have joined a Want, don’t worry. You will receive notifications regarding important news for that Want, like when designs are posted!

How likely are designers to propose designs for a Want?

Imagine you are a fashion designer. Imagine you knew that loads of people wanted a specific garment. Wouldn’t you give it a shot? Exactly! That’s the magic of a Want: it is a fantastic tool for designers.

Where can I see the Wants I’ve created?

You can see all of your NO FIRM activity on your profile page, including the Wants you’ve created.

Where can I find other Wants?

The easiest place to find other Wants is the NO FIRM homepage. They will simply appear in your feed. When you create a Want, we show you other similar Wants that already exist, in case you prefer to join a similar one with loads of members.

Other times they come to you. Maybe someone in your circle shared a Want and it appeared on your Facebook or Twitter feed. Are you in?

Ordering a Design

How can I find interesting designs?

There are many ways to find cool designs:

- The NO FIRM Newsletter: Every so often we send an e-mail with the latest news, new designs and the most active designers. 

- Your friends: Connect your Facebook account to NO FIRM to follow your friends’ activity and see the designs they are buying.

- Recommendations: On every product page you will find other designs specially recommended by the designer. Your friends can also recommend their favourite designs so you can get one for yourself before time runs out. 

- Creator of the Week: Every week we feature a designer who’s been killing it recently. You can go to their profile page and check out their designs.

-Not finding what you’re looking for? Maybe it’s time to create a Want and let your voice be heard in fashion.

What is the difference between Pre-Order and Shop Now?

Pre-Order and Shop Now are two different phases that a design can pass through. Here are the differences:

Pre-Order means that a design has not yet sold the minimum number of units necessary for production, so it is not guaranteed. People can pre-order without being charged for the payment.

Shop Now means that a design has reached its minimum and production is guaranteed. People can buy it straight away and the price goes down proportionally until the maximum number of units is sold or the deadline expires.

What does it mean when a design reaches its minimum?

This means that it will go into production. It means that the minimum number of units was sold to be able to produce the design and a new edition will be launched.

What does it mean when a design reaches its maximum?

This means that all the units available in that edition have been sold and that the final price is as low as possible. The final amount will be charged to all the customers and the design will automatically be put into production. 

Still want more? Or didn’t have time to buy? Don’t worry, a new edition of the design will be launched right away.

What happens when the deadline expires?

When the deadline expires it is no longer possible to pre-order or buy the design. 

If the minimum was not reached, the design goes dormant on the platform with the option for customers to demand it back.

If the minimum was reached, the design is automatically put into production.

What does the Remind Me button do?

The Remind Me button lets you follow the designs you’re interested in that you’re not yet ready to buy. You’ll be notified by e-mail at decisive moments, like when the design reaches its minimum, 48 hours before the deadline expires, or when the units are about to sell out. Once you pre-order a product you will no longer receive these reminders.

What payment methods can I use?

You can use any debit or credit card.

What is 1-Click Ordering?

After your first order you will no longer have to enter your information when making purchases. You’ll just look over the order and confirm, all in one click. You can edit or update your information in your profile at any time.

When am I charged?

You are only charged when a design goes into production. And you’ll be charged the final (in other words, lowest) price for the product. 

What currency will I be charged in?


Why do I see an error message when I try to pre-order a design?

There is probably an issue with your payment method. Please check that the information you entered is correct, or try a different payment method. 

Will I be notified if a design I pre-ordered reaches its minimum? 

Of course! The product you ordered is going to be produced! It’s great news and we’ll let you know by e-mail when it happens.

Will I be notified when a design I pre-ordered goes into production?

Yes. We will send you a receipt for your purchase and an estimated production time.

Can I pre-order a design more than once?

Absolutely. You can add more units when you confirm the purchase. Or you can buy a product one day and decide to buy more units later. 

Can I pre-order designs from anywhere in the world?

Yes. The NO FIRM network spans the world and fosters many wonderful relationships. Imagine buying a design created by someone on the other side of the planet! It’s simply amazing.

What is a dormant design?

When a product is published on NO FIRM and the deadline expires without having sold the minimum number of units, the product goes dormant. This means that it remains on the platform, but is inactive. People can find it, see the product page, and demand it. If it gets enough demands, the product will be activated and go back into Pre-Order status.

How can I demand a dormant design?

Where before you saw the Pre-Order or Shop Now button on the product page, now there is a Demand button that you can use to demand the design. You will also see the number of people who have demanded it so far and how many more are needed for the design to be activated.

Asking Questions

What should I do if I have questions about a design?

Ask the Creator! In the right column of every product page there is an Ask the Creator button. It sends a private message directly to the designer.

You can also look at the comments section of the product page, and if you have already purchased the product you can ask your own questions there. The designer will receive an e-mail when you do.

Will I be notified when someone responds in the comments section?

If you are not the designer, no. It is a public message board where people post comments and questions in an informal way. The designer will receive notifications for every post so they can answer their customers’ questions.

Managing your Orders

How can I find out the status of my order?

When you pre-order a design you will receive notifications regarding the most important milestones, like when it reaches its minimum. You will also get an e-mail when the design goes into production, with the estimated delivery time and a receipt for your order. 

Remember that you can always check the status of any design in the right column of the product page. 

Where can I change my payment method or shipping address?

In your profile, under Payment.

Can I change my payment method or shipping address once the production phase has begun?

Please write to Tao directly at and he’ll help you take care of it.

Can I change the number of units I’ve pre-ordered? 

You can’t change the number of units in your original pre-order. But you can just go back and place another pre-order for more units.

Can I change the number of units I’ve pre-ordered after the production phase has begun?

No. But you can wait for the next edition to place another order.

Can I cancel a pre-order after the production phase has begun? 

No. We depend on your commitment for designs to be made real, just like we depend on the commitments of the designers and producers. 

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, by e-mail. You will be charged and will receive a receipt when the design goes into production.

Once the design goes into production, how can I find out when it will be delivered?

When a design goes into production you will receive an e-mail with the estimated production time and a receipt for your purchase. It will include the type of shipment you selected and the number of days it will take.

My purchase still hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Something happened, but don’t worry. Just write to Nuria at and we will get it solved as soon as possible. 

What is a review?

When your purchase is delivered you will receive an e-mail with a link to give us your opinion about the product and share it with the community. 

- We ask you to rate the product (from 1 to 5). Make your judgment based on a general impression as well as smaller details. 

- If there was any problem with the delivery please let us know in the section provided. Your suggestions and comments help us improve every day.

Your review will be published in the NO FIRM feed.

Profile Settings

What is my profile page and what appears there?

Your profile page includes some basic information about you like your name and your avatar photo. It also has a few details about your activity, like number of followers and how long you have been a member of the community. But most importantly, your profile page shows what you’ve been doing on NO FIRM: what you’ve bought, which designs you’ve recommended, the Wants you’ve created and joined, etc. Basically a summary of your life on NO FIRM.

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect is a way to link your Facebook account with your NO FIRM account so that you don’t have to create a new account on our site. It is exactly the same as logging in through Facebook. NO FIRM uses the e-mail you use for Facebook and you don’t need to remember extra passwords. It’s easy!

If you prefer not to link them, you can simply deactivate the option in your profile.

How do I delete my account?

Send an e-mail to Tao at and we will delete it for you. We do it manually to make sure that you don’t have any pending orders. We will need your contact information if we have to contact you about an order delivery. If there are no pending orders, or once they have all been delivered, we will delete your account straight away and all of your data will be removed.


I forgot my password. How can I log in?

Just click on the Password Reminder button next to the login fields. You will receive an e-mail with instructions for logging back in. 

The design I pre-ordered has just gone into production and my payment was denied. What should I do?

If your payment was denied send an e-mail to Tao at as soon as possible so we can fix it. 

In any case, here are a few tips you might try:

- Make sure you’ve correctly entered your credit card details and that the card hasn’t expired.

- Check that your postcode is correct.

- Be sure you haven’t exceeded the credit limit on your payment method.

If everything checks out, then it may be that your bank has frozen the transaction. Please contact them to authorise the payment. 

Why is another person’s Facebook account showing up?

If you’re using a computer that has someone else’s Facebook account open, when you connect to NO FIRM with Facebook it will do so with the other person’s account. Always make sure there are no other Facebook accounts open on the computer you are using.

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