NO FIRM Basics

NO FIRM is a fashion brand where designers and customers share designs, desires, needs and aspirations in order to create real fashion, made by and for real people.

What is NO FIRM?

What is NO FIRM?

NO FIRM is a fashion brand where designers and customers share designs, desires, needs and aspirations in order to create real fashion, made by and for real people. 

What makes NO FIRM different? 

- NO FIRM is a platform for designers and customers who are seeking a new relationship with fashion based on love, respect and freedom.

- NO FIRM is a fashion brand that has no opinion about fashion, but that gives designers a space with total freedom to create their own.

- NO FIRM is a company that handles the maintenance of the digital platform; communications with designers; management and production of the designs; and shipping, returns and customer service.

- NO FIRM is a business founded on respect, trust and honesty. These concepts go beyond words to infuse all of our actions.

- NO FIRM is a commitment model based on healthy business and personal relationships. 

How does NO FIRM work?

Designers send their creations to NO FIRM to be published on our platform where customers can buy them, share them and recommend them. At NO FIRM, production is determined by need. Each design much reach a minimum number of pre-orders to be produced. Customers can also create Wants, or join Wants that already exist, as a way of letting designers know their needs and desires. In this way, both designers and customers get the chance to express themselves, and share and create their own fashion.

What is the purpose of NO FIRM?

NO FIRM is a community of people with a shared goal: to bring fashion back to the real world. 

Who is NO FIRM’s target audience?

NO FIRM is for those designers and customers looking for a more integrated relationship with fashion. Whether you want to highlight your work as a designer or have your needs and desires listened to, we hope this will be the place for you.

Who can create a design?

Any fashion designer or creative type who has the knowledge and skills to develop and clearly submit a specific fashion design may do so on NO FIRM. 

Why buy and support a design?

The designs that appear on NO FIRM are original, authentic and the work of designers who believe in themselves. 

Buying a NO FIRM design means supporting and respecting someone’s work, as designers receive 25% of the total price of the product. There are no extraneous middlemen or stingy practices.

It is a transparent and secure process in which you can check the status of your orders at any time and ask the designer questions directly. 

Who can buy designs?

Anybody in the NO FIRM community can buy a design. Remember to log in first!

What is the “minimum or nothing” model?

The “minimum or nothing” model means that designs are not put into production until a minimum number of units are sold. 

This guarantees the following:

A healthy and reasonable commitment. 

The price of each design is exclusively based on production costs, which in turn depend on the number of units produced. A healthy commitment means guaranteeing a maximum and minimum number of units to be produced in accordance with the capabilities and needs of the producer, not with our desire to sell.

More motivation to gain support.

If you want a design to be made real, share it with the world on social media. That way more people will see it, increasing the chances of it reaching the minimum number of sales. 

- A functional model.

In the fashion industry, exploitation, speculation and abuse are all-too-common behaviours that poison relationships and creativity. 

At NO FIRM our business model respects people’s work, time and dedication. Quantities, prices and deadlines are exclusively based on ensuring the dignity of everyone involved: designers, customers and producers.

What are the phases of a design published on NO FIRM?

1. First phase (Pre-Order):

This is the first phase of every design that gets published on NO FIRM. It means that people can start pre-ordering the product. Because of our “minimum or nothing” model, buyers are only charged if the minimum number of units are sold. 

2. Second phase (Shop Now):

When the minimum number of units are sold before the deadline expires, the product status changes to Shop Now. Because the minimum has been reached, production is guaranteed and the design is now real. As soon as all the units are sold or the deadline expires, we will produce it and deliver it to you. Better still, in the second phase the price goes down as more units are sold. But not all designs reach this second phase. What’s most important for a design to become real is to sell the minimum number of units.

When the maximum number of units is sold or the deadline expires, the final price is charged to all buyers when the design goes into production. This is also when we pay the designers their cut.


What is a Want?

A Want is a group created by customers to communicate their needs and desires to designers.

How does a Want work?

A Want works like a Facebook group in which users come together around a common desire or idea and share posts and inspirations. 
A person creates a Want based on a phrase and/or photo that captures their desire or need. People who identify with the Want or share the same interests can join and add content to inspire and motivate designers. The more people join a Want, the more likely that a designer will propose a design. The designer can then post a direct link to their product page so that anyone can buy it. Everybody wins!

Who can create a Want?

Anyone in the NO FIRM community can create a Want. 
Designers can also create Wants for their own designs before publishing them and wait for the Want to generate the desired audience before submitting it. You’ll soon start to think of Wants as another way to showcase your work and drum up demand!

Who can join a Want?
Anyone in the NO FIRM community can join a Want, and only members of a Want can post content to it. Designers can also join Wants, and not just to watch them grow. They may join a Want because they would like another designer to bring it to life, because it is a designer they respect, or simply because it inspires them. 

Who is NO FIRM?
We are a fully independent, self-funded company run by Tao, Carlos, Mikael and Nuria. 

Independence is a cornerstone of NO FIRM, so we don’t seek third-party or outside investment. 

We work each day to maintain and improve the NO FIRM platform to provide better service to our community.
We are also proud to manage the production and shipping of all designs purchased on the site, and to establish healthy and constructive commercial relationships.

Most importantly, we ensure a safe space for people to experience a fresh relationship with fashion. 


Who is responsible for putting the designs that reach their minimum into production?

At NO FIRM we partner with an extensive network of producers located in Spain and Portugal who make the realisation of your designs possible. We manage everything related to production, shipping and returns, and take responsibility for the results.

How can I check the progress of a design?

You can check the status of each design in the column on the right side of its product page. 
You will see the number of pre-ordered units, the days remaining on the deadline and the maximum number of units in the edition.

How can I be sure a designer is who they say they are?

Maybe you are a friend of the designer or you know them through a reliable source. 
Or maybe not. But you can always go to their profile page and read their bio. There will most likely be a link to their personal website where you can get more information and look at some of their other projects. 
You can also contact the designer directly by clicking on the Ask the Creator button in the right column of the product page.

Will NO FIRM return buyers’ money if the design cannot be made due to manufacturing issues?

Yes, always. 

How can NO FIRM guarantee the realization of designs?

We are proud to actively participate in realizing designs by handling their production and shipping to customers. We have more than 10 years of experience managing production for the world’s top fashion brands. We can roundly guarantee that designs will be realized.

How are earnings distributed for designs that are produced?

Transparency is a cornerstone of NO FIRM. Every product page has a price breakdown that all users can see. The price of a successful design is distributed as follows: 50% for production, 25% for the designer and 25% for NO FIRM (for maintaining the platform, managing shipments and returns, branding, etc.).

Getting Involved

How do I start buying?

You just have to create a NO FIRM account when making a purchase. You only need an e-mail address and a password.

How do I create a Want?

Click on the Create Want menu tab on the homepage. You just need to know what you want, come up with a phrase to describe it and include a photo. 

How do I become a NO FIRM designer?

Click on the Start a Design menu tab on the homepage. You become a designer when you publish your first design on the platform. 
Take a look at the Creators Guide that we have put together to help you along the way. Welcome!

Can I download the NO FIRM logo?

Of course! Click here to download different versions of the NO FIRM logo for designers, customers and members of the press, all in high resolution.

Who should I ask if I have questions?

If you are a member of the press, contact us at For any other questions, write to Tao, the CEO of NO FIRM, at We are here for you and will personally respond to your e-mail. Thanks!

Filing a complaint

How can I file a complaint with NO FIRM?

Send us an e-mail at if you think that a design or comment violates any of our basic rules or offends any person or group. If you receive a message that does not respect the NO FIRM principles, please let our team know. We will look into every complaint and appreciate your collaboration in ensuring that NO FIRM is a safe and enjoyable space.

Where can I report a copyright violation?

If you are not sure whether a design on NO FIRM is a copyright violation, we suggest that you speak to a lawyer before initiating a formal complaint. If you file a complaint based on a distorted interpretation of a design you may be subject to liability for civil damages to the designer or third parties.
If you have spoken to a lawyer and believe that your copyright has been infringed, please contact Tao, the CEO of NO FIRM, at; or you may contact the designer by clicking on the Ask the Creator button. 

Where can I report a brand violation?
If you think a design infringes on a brand you own you may e-mail Tao, the CEO of NO FIRM, at We will analyze and respond to your complaint as quickly as possible. 
Please look over our designer Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information about what information you should include in your report.

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