Designer Questions

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Becoming a Creator

What can be sold on NO FIRM? 

Any item related to fashion that can be worn may be sold on NO FIRM, whether it is a garment (shirts, T-shirts, trousers, coats, underwear, etc.) or accessories (jewellery, shoes, bags, hats, scarves, ties, etc.). NO FIRM has no opinion about fashion so all designs are welcome.

How do I submit a design?

To submit your design, just click on the Submit a Design button on the NO FIRM homepage

You’ll find tips on how to structure and organise the submission of your design in our Creators Handbook. We also recommend looking at our Rules & Best Practices to make sure your design adheres to our community principles. 

Meanwhile, you can save a draft of your design and finish it when you are ready to send it in for review.

What should I do before submitting my design?

Before submitting a design you must have the following materials ready:

- A unique and original design

- A pattern

- A finished prototype

- A photo shoot with at least three photos

This is important for more than just creating your product page. When you send your design in for review and it is approved, a courier will come to pick up the patterns and prototype in 3-4 days, so you’ll need to have them ready. 

Check out the Creators Handbook, created specifically to guide you through the entire process. 

What should I keep in mind when making the final prototype?

The prototype will be your voice when we work with producers. So the more detailed and finished it is, the easier it will be for them to understand your intentions and realise them in the final product.

What should I keep in mind for the photo shoot?

Try to put as much care into the photos as you put into your design. The photos are the best representation of your idea and will be key in your potential customers’ buying decisions. Pay attention to quality, composition and colour, and focus on what you are trying to convey. 

Using models in the photos is highly recommended. It is always easier to get an idea of how your design will look if we can see people wearing it. If you do use models, we’ll need some basic information:

- First name

- Height (cm)

Size worn in the photo 

I don’t know any photographers. Do I have to do a professional photoshoot? 

Imagine that somebody who didn’t even know what a pattern was tried to make their own design instead of asking you to do it. What do you think the result would be? The same goes for photography. At NO FIRM we believe in respecting professionals, so if you want good photos, use a photographer. Maybe it doesn’t even have to be a financial burden; you can establish a collaboration and share your earnings.

What basic information must appear on my product page?

Your product page is how you will show your design to the world. It must include the following minimum information:

- Type of garment / accessory

- Gender

- Name

- Brief description

- One main photo 

- At least two more photos

If models appear in the photos we ask you to include their basic information (first name, height and size worn in the photo).

What additional information should I put on my product page?

Be as creative here as you were with your design! 

- Add a more detailed description of your design, your creative process or anything else you'd like to highlight. 

- More photos. Customers will appreciate it. 

- Mention if the design has appeared in the press or has won any prizes or commendations.

- Add links to your personal or professional website, or blogs, videos or songs that inspire you. 

- Include variations to your design, like different colours.

In our Creator Handbook you will find some tips and tricks to help your product page faithfully convey your design.

Where can I find the NO FIRM Creators Handbook?

There is a direct link to the Creators Handbook at the bottom of every NO FIRM page. 

Can I use several models?

Of course. You can edit the caption for each photo or eliminate it if no models appear. 

Can I add variations to a design? Like colour, fabric, etc.

Yes. They are shown as thumbnails. Remember that these variations are not new designs, but alternatives, like a garment in several colours. Variations are considered to be separate products, so you’ll have to fill in the basic information for each one. 

I collaborated with other people on a design. Can we all appear as creators? 

You can give other people credit in the product description, and add links, references or whatever else you want. However there can only be one creator. You can use your own account with your own name, or create a new account with a name that represents the group of designers.

Who sets the price for a design?

The price of each design is exclusively based on production costs. This allows us to avoid speculation on the value of a design and respect the manufacturer’s working conditions. The production cost is doubled to get the final price. A quarter goes to the designer and a quarter to NO FIRM.

Can I cancel a design before sending it to be reviewed?

Yes. While you are creating your product page you can always delete it or save it as a draft and continue working on it later.

Can I submit several designs at once?

Yes, as long as each has its own product page. You can work on one while saving others as drafts. When you are ready to send them in for review, you will have to do so one by one.

How can I be sure that nobody steals my idea?

To work with NO FIRM you must be open and share fearlessly. This community is based on everybody’s participation and it is a powerful tool for designers. If you don’t want to share too much information with your potential customers, maybe NO FIRM is not for you.

Can I share a design with my friends before launching it?

Absolutely! The opinions of your friends and collaborators may be important to you and you have every right to share your design with whomever you want.

Does NO FIRM have any exclusivity over the designs I submit?

No. Your design is yours. We have the right to produce it, but not exclusively. NO FIRM is an inclusive, not exclusive, community, and we don’t require exclusivity from any designer. We are very pleased to support your design career and that you have multiple means of getting your works produced.

Can my product page be in a language other than English?

NO FIRM is a global community, so we suggest that your product page be in English. If you would like to add descriptions in another language, go ahead. But if you want to reach the maximum number of people, you’ll need English. 

Can I use copyrighted material on my product page?

Don’t use music, images, videos or other content that you don’t have permission to use. Using copyrighted material is against the law and can lead to serious problems. 

The best way to avoid it is to create all the content on your product page yourself or use open-source content.

How much time does it take to create a product page?

Creating your product page can be quick and easy if you have all the material ready. We recommend carefully reading the Creator Handbook to get a clear idea of the times needed for each step of the process.

Launching your Design

Does NO FIRM review product pages before publishing them?

Yes. This review lets us ensure that no illicit or inappropriate material gets published. We don’t judge the style, beauty or creativity of designs, just their suitability. If the design is approved we will send for your prototype and automatically publish it on the NO FIRM platform so people can start ordering it. 

Can I save a draft of my product page until I’m ready to send it in for review?

Yes. Don’t send it in for review until you have all the material ready. That way you can take your time without rushing. It’s for the best.

What do I need to have ready before sending the product page in for review?

Make sure you have the patterns and prototype ready. When you send your product page in for review and it is approved, a NO FIRM courier will come by to pick them up.

Can I change my bank account information after sending the product page in for review?

Certainly. If there is any problem with payment we will contact you immediately.

When I submit my product page, who reviews it? What happens then?

At NO FIRM we have a team that works exclusively on reviewing all designs that come in. This team is tasked with applying our principles. When they analyse designs they focus on viability, not creativity. Your freedom is guaranteed. 

If everything is in order they will send you an e-mail to let you know. Then a NO FIRM courier will come to pick up the patterns and the prototypes, which you must have ready. This process will take around 3-4 business days.

What happens if a product page is rejected?

If a design violates one of our principles we let you know that it won't be published. 

How long until I get a response regarding my product page?

Around 7 business days. 

What are the patterns and prototype used for?

Because we handle the production of your design, we need the patterns and prototype to show the manufacturer and agree on production details like materials, finishes, colours, etc. Therefore we suggest you be meticulous with these items; the more detailed they are, the more closely the final result will resemble your original idea. 

I am a designer who makes my own designs by hand. Can I be a producer? What is involved?

Are you an artist who makes your own designs by hand? Great! When we contact you to arrange the courier, let us know. If you become the producer of the design, we will require the same commitments from you that we ask of all our producers. You must produce the units as agreed and meet the established deadlines. Remember that production is a vital part of NO FIRM and is based on real capabilities. When the time comes, we will sit down with you to agree on realistic quantities to make the most of your artistic skills. 

I’m not a tailor but I personally know a tailor who I trust. Can I recommend them to NO FIRM?

Definitely! We are always interested in sharing networks. Let us know when we contact you to arrange the courier. 

How likely is my product page to be approved?

At NO FIRM we operate under a set of basic principles. It is a short list, simple and clear, so with just a bit of attention and good judgment the likelihood of a design being approved is very high, as long it does not offend any social group or the NO FIRM guidelines. We recommend taking a look at our Rules & Best Practices.

Can NO FIRM reject a design that meets all the principles of the platform? 

No. Any design that meets all our principles is valid to be published on the platform. 

Once my product page is approved, is it immediately published automatically?

No. First we contact the producer to agree upon the production details, like the number of units, deadlines and price. When this information is ready we publish your design.

While your Design is Active

Where can I find my design on NO FIRM?

In the NO FIRM feed, right when you log into the website. It will also appear on your profile page as part of your collection and in the profiles of the customers or designers who have purchased it. 

Which image appears in the feed? 

The main image from your product page.

Where can I track my design? 

In the Products section.

Once the product page is published, can I delete my account?

You may do so by contacting Tao at Remember that even if you leave we will continue producing your design as long as demand exists. We’d like to be able to keep paying you your cut with each edition, so we will contact you to organise the payments once you’ve left.


Why is it important to answer questions from customers and potential customers?

If a person interested in your design has some questions, answering them increases the chances that they will decide to buy. A designer who is attentive and dedicated to their customers is more likely to be rewarded, like having their design brought to life. 

How can I communicate with my customers?

There are two ways to communicate with your NO FIRM customers:

- Through the Comments & Questions section of your product page.

- Some customers may send you a private message directly using the Ask the Creator button. This is another way to communicate and answer their questions.

How does a creator become Creator of the Week? 

We choose designers based on varying criteria, like who is the most popular, who has the most products about to hit their minimums, etc.

Should I do anything when a design hits one of the three milestones (minimum, maximum or deadline)? 

No, you don’t have to. But we do always suggest being appreciative. A “Thanks” in the comments section of your product page is always worthwhile. 

However, while your design is active we highly recommend coming up with a strategy for sharing it with the world. In the Creator Handbook you’ll find some interesting tips to help you out. The more attention your design garners, the more likely it will become real.

Can I buy my own design?


Payment & Production

When a design is successful is it automatically sent into production?

Yes. Production starts as soon as the design sells the maximum number of units or the deadline expires. 

What is required to go into production?

Every NO FIRM design must reach a minimum number of pre-orders to go into production.

If my design has reached the minimum but not the maximum, what happens to the leftover units?

Since we know exactly how many units have been ordered, we can produce exactly that many! When the design goes into production, the units needed to reach the maximum simply disappear.

What happens when a design reaches the maximum before the deadline expires?

Amazing! The first thing it means is that your design was a big hit.

If your design has sold the maximum number of units available, why wait? The process ends and the design is sent into production.

Do all designs get the same deadline?

Yes. All NO FIRM designs have the same deadline.

I am a designer. Am I responsible for the production of my design?

Not at all. The production of your design is the responsibility of NO FIRM.

What is my cut of the total price as a designer?

You will receive 25% of the price of every product sold.

When will I receive my cut? 

As soon as your design goes into production. Please allow us a bit of flexibility to make the transfers; it may take a few days depending on the banks involved.


Where will I receive my cut?

In the bank account you provided previously.

What kind of bank account can I use to receive my cut?

The bank account must be in your name and it must be able to receive direct deposits. If you have any questions about whether your account is set up for this, we suggest speaking to your bank directly.

Where can I find my bank account information?

You can find out your bank account number and other details at any branch or through your online account.

Is the bank account information I share with NO FIRM secure?

The bank account details you share when you create your NO FIRM designer account is strictly confidential. The information you provide is used to guarantee that your account is ready to receive your cut when the time comes. 

We take the privacy and security of our community very seriously at NO FIRM. For more details, we invite you to read our Privacy Policy.

Can I change or edit my bank account information at any time?

Of course.

What is required for NO FIRM to establish a relationship with a producer?

NO FIRM is a community of people with a shared desire: to have a healthy relationship with fashion and to make fashion a vehicle for growth. Producers are a fundamental part of this community, and when we establish a business relationship with them it is about more than just business, it is a partnership. For this reason, we require the following:

- Direct and transparent communication of the capacities, needs and expectations of both parties.

- Commitment to fulfil agreements and immediate communication of any problem that arises. 

- Respect for every person involved in the production process, with decent working conditions and a healthy workspace.

- Respect for the environment and nature, under current environmental and waste management regulations. 

I recommended a trusted producer to make my design. Do I have to get involved if there are production problems?

Absolutely not. When you recommend a producer we study them closely and apply the same principles as we do to any other manufacturer. If we ultimately decide to work with them, NO FIRM should take responsibility for that decision, don’t you think?

Where can I check the production status? 

Contact Nuria at with any questions.

What happens to designs that don’t reach their minimum?

Designs that don’t reach their minimum and don’t go into production remain on the platform in a status we call “dormant.” This means that anyone in the community can find the design and demand it, but not buy it. When a dormant design is demanded enough times it automatically goes active in the Pre-Order phase. 

Can I relaunch a design that didn’t reach its minimum?

No. Customers also have a voice to express what they want and don’t want. If your design didn’t reach the minimum, it’s because it didn’t generate enough attraction among customers, or that they simply don’t need what you’re offering. This is actually an exciting part of being a designer, because the likelihood of a design becoming real increases with your ability to listen to people’s real desires and needs. 

What happens to designs that have reached their minimum and been produced? 

When a design goes into production a new edition is automatically launched in the Pre-Order phase, with the same or different minimum, maximum and deadline. The design has already generated enough demand to be produced, so it will remain active as long as that demand continues. What happens if the new edition does not reach the minimum?

The exact same thing that happens with the original edition. It goes into dormant status until it receives enough demand to be relaunched.

How long do designs stay dormant on NO FIRM?

At this point, forever. We may change this policy in the future. We’re still working it out!

Shipping & Returns

Am I responsible for shipping my products to my customers?

No. All shipments of your design are the responsibility of NO FIRM.

When will I start receiving customer opinions about my product?

When they receive the product they will also get an e-mail with a link for leaving a review. 

What is a review?

A review is a way for customers to give their opinion about a design once it has been made and they have it in their hands. Customers choose a score between 1 and 5 to rate the product they received. The score is automatically published on the NO FIRM platform. 

They can also report any problems that may have occurred with the shipment. This information is for NO FIRM’s internal use only and is not made public.

Where can I check the status of a shipment?

There will be a tracking link in your Purchases section once the shipment has been sent.

Am I responsible for returns?

No. NO FIRM handles all returns that are processed and any corresponding costs.

My design was rejected, but it meets the principles. What can I do?

If you think your design meets all of our principles, you can send Nuria a reconsideration request at

You have a maximum of 500 characters to make your argument, explain why your design meets all the principles, and tell us why you think it should be published. Someone from the NO FIRM team will review your product page again with your comments in mind, and will make a final and irreversible decision. If it is rejected again, the process ends and the design is closed. But you can always send us a new one! 

Why could a design be rejected? 

A design may be rejected if it contradicts any of our principles. Check our Rules & Best Practices to learn about our basic principles and our red lines.

What happens when a design is rejected?

A rejected design violates our rules and has no place on the platform. The design is permanently closed.

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