Dedication, authenticity, passion, enthusiasm, candidness and naturalness are powerful tools to draw customers. If your design represents the best of you then show it by sharing it with the world. Your uniqueness is your greatest asset.


Most designers get support through the people they know (fans, friends, community) and use these networks to spread the attraction even farther. Below are some recommendations for helping your creation reach and excite people outside your personal circles.

Go on social media.

Share your product page on Facebook, post some tweets and pins, let your family and friends know via e-mail, and describe your design in a personal way. But make sure to find a balance and try not to flood your audiences with constant messages.

Create specific contact lists

 Who else may be interested in your designs, other than your friends? Make a list of any blogs and communities that may be interested and write to them, including fashion magazines and, of course, fashion bloggers! This is a fantastic way to get your design in front of fashion lovers who you don’t know personally. Use your own network or find bloggers’ contact information on Twitter. Introduce yourself and engage with them about your creation. Explain why they should write about your design on their blog. And don’t forget about finding that balance.

Let your hair down!

Plan a party, a runway show or a get-together for friends and close fans. Have a mobile device on-hand during the event so that anyone interested can place an order right there, or send a link to your product page to every guest who has confirmed their attendance. Make sure your guests enjoy themselves and have a good time.


Please no. Sending mass e-mails has nothing to do with generating attraction. Actually, the result is usually the opposite, and it will probably end up having a negative impact on your design.


Expecting a miracle without putting in any effort. Remember that you are solely responsible for your creation, and publicising it is also up to you. We are in constant motion and we suggest that you get moving too. This could be an intriguing and wonderful experience!

Some potential buyers will have questions or comments. Below we explain the space created for you to contact your customers directly, answer questions and thank them for their support.

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