Becoming a Creator

All fashion and textile items are welcome at NO FIRM.

Becoming a creator

To get started as a creator in the NO FIRM community, click on Start a Design to create your product page. We suggest including the following material:

A unique design. You may add different colour options or minor variations that do not change the original design. 

A finished prototype. 

A photo shoot with at least three photos. We recommend including models in the photos to make it easier for customers to see how it looks on the body. The photos must be high quality and carefully taken; they are the main showcase for your creation! 

Once you have all the material ready you can get started on the product page, where people will be able to see and purchase your design.

Submitting your product page

The product page is where you present your design to the world, so it’s time to pull out all the stops! Click on Start a Design, gather all of the necessary material and take a few minutes to lay it out and answer the following questions:

What is your design called?

The name does more than just identify it.

What type of clothing / accessory is it? 

This is also important for the filters. We use tags to help customers find what they’re looking for. 

Is it for anyone in particular?

Is it a garment specifically for women? For men? For everyone? The more details the better.

Now you can create the product page. Use our WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet (WYSIWYG) editor to see how your page is coming along at any time. We ask that you upload at least three photos to the product page. 

If models appear in the photos we will ask you for their first name, their height and the size they are wearing in the photo. Understand that this information is very important for making buying decisions, so we recommend including it.

Add descriptions of your design, your creative process and anything else you wish to highlight or that could motivate potential customers. You can include links to your personal website or talk about your inspirations and process. Bring all the creativity that you put into to your design into creating your product page and you'll be sure attract customers.

You can also include variations to your design. Remember that these variations shouldn’t be new designs, but design alternatives like different colour options. You must also include at least three photos of any variations.

Once completed, send us your product page. You will receive a response in 7 to 10 days with the next steps. Let’s get started!

Patterns & Prototype

What does NO FIRM need to manufacture a garment? Clear and legible patterns, and a prototype that best represents your intentions. We will send a courier to pick up the patterns and prototype at the location of your choosing, so it is very important to have everything ready. This is where our work begins on producing your idea. Before your product page goes live we will:

Select the best producers for your design, taking as much care as possible to stay true to your idea. At NO FIRM we believe in a concept of fair and local trade. We only work with European manufacturers that provide decent working conditions for their employees.

Agree on a production schedule in line with our shipping policy, so that all customers will receive your design within a reasonable time frame.

Wait a second. Are you an artist who produces your designs yourself? Let us know so we can contact you to become a producer for us. You know your profession better than anyone!

This is where our part of the work ends. Everything related to production is settled and ready to go. Now it’s time to show your design to the world as your product page goes live! 

But, what then? In the next step we’ll explain how your customers can start ordering your design.


Your product page has just gone live! Now the entire NO FIRM community will be able to purchase, recommend and share your design. 

At NO FIRM we use a financing model called “minimum or nothing.” If your design does not sell the minimum number of units, no money will change hands and it will not be produced. This reduces risk for everyone involved, including you, and ensures the production agreements in place are fulfilled.

If everything goes well, your design will go through the following phases:

First phase (Pre-Order):

The first thing you will see on your live product page is the product status and progress bar. Immediately after going live, it will appear in Pre-Order status. This means that customers can pre-order your product until the minimum number of units required for production is sold, but they will only be charged if the minimum is reached. Remember that this minimum is a necessary part of our model in order to guarantee production.

Second phase (Shop Now):

What happens when the minimum is met but the deadline is still open? In this case, the product status will change to Shop Now, so customers can buy it directly until the maximum number of units is reached or the deadline expires. What’s better, in this second phase, the price goes down as more people buy! Once production is guaranteed we lower the price according to demand.

As you will see, demand is key to this process. In the next step we talk about the importance of sharing your creation with fans, friends and community. The more people who see it, the more likely they are to support you; and the more support you receive, the more likely it is to be brought to life. We call this attraction.


Dedication, authenticity, passion, enthusiasm, candidness and naturalness are powerful tools to draw customers. If your design represents the best of you then show it by sharing it with the world. Your uniqueness is your greatest asset.

Most designers get support through the people they know (fans, friends, community) and use these networks to spread the attraction even farther. Below are some recommendations for helping your creation reach and excite people outside your personal circles.

Go on social media. Share your product page on Facebook, post some tweets and pins, let your family and friends know via e-mail, and describe your design in a personal way. But make sure to find a balance and try not to flood your audiences with constant messages.

Create specific contact lists. Who else may be interested in your designs, other than your friends? Make a list of any blogs and communities that may be interested and write to them, including fashion magazines and, of course, fashion bloggers! This is a fantastic way to get your design in front of fashion lovers who you don’t know personally. Use your own network or find bloggers’ contact information on Twitter. Introduce yourself and engage with them about your creation. Explain why they should write about your design on their blog. And don’t forget about finding that balance.

Let your hair down! Plan a party, a runway show or a get-together for friends and close fans. Have a mobile device on-hand during the event so that anyone interested can place an order right there, or send a link to your product page to every guest who has confirmed their attendance. Make sure your guests enjoy themselves and have a good time.

On the other hand, there are some things that we definitely do not recommend doing:

Spam? Please no. Sending mass e-mails has nothing to do with generating attraction. Actually, the result is usually the opposite, and it will probably end up having a negative impact on your design.

Expecting a miracle without putting in any effort. Remember that you are solely responsible for your creation, and publicising it is also up to you. We are in constant motion and we suggest that you get moving too. This could be an intriguing and wonderful experience!

Some potential buyers will have questions or comments. Below we explain the space created for you to contact your customers directly, answer questions and thank them for their support.

Communicating with customers

Some of your customers may wish to communicate with you publicly right in the comments section of the product page. Potential customers may also ask you questions in private by clicking on the Ask the Designer button, which sends you an e-mail. In both cases you can answer their questions, respond to their comments and thank them for their support.

The most important factor in all this is personal relationships, which will be highly appreciated by your customers. If you give them your attention and a few minutes of your time, you will be surprised to see how they become regular customers for future designs! 

Here are some tips for treating your clients well:

You will receive e-mail notifications when someone posts a comment or asks you a question in private. 

At first you probably won’t have too many, but keep an eye on it as orders start coming in. There may be potential customers who are waiting for your response before deciding to buy.

Invite them to visit your profile page, where they can find more information about you, your other designs and your activity on the platform. They can also follow you to stay informed of everything you do on NO FIRM. If you don’t have very much content posted yet, you can send them to your personal website. Put yourself in their shoes and you will earn their trust.

As your design moves from the first to the second phase, thank them for their support! It’s like you’re a team and everyone wins! 

When the maximum number of units is sold or the deadline expires, it’s time to go into production. Sit back and relax; your work is done and you will automatically receive 25% of the total price.



In this phase you will be sitting back and celebrating, or working on your next design! As soon as production begins you will automatically receive your designer’s cut (25% of the total price). From here we handle the rest of the process until your design arrives in your customers’ hands:

We send all units purchased into production. Don’t worry, we always calculate a margin of error in case there are irregular pieces.

We check all the pieces and prepare them for shipping.

We send the packages to each of your customers. After they receive their package they will get an e-mail with a link to post a review. If you are willing to learn, feedback is key! The ratings they give your design will be posted automatically in the NO FIRM feed where all users can see it. 

But it doesn’t end there! If your design was successful, it automatically becomes a new edition and can go through the same steps again. Maybe there were people who wanted to buy it but couldn’t because the deadline expired or the maximum number of units were sold. Now your design has a second chance to become a reality and reach more people.

Ready to launch your design?

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