Your product page has just gone live! Now the entire NO FIRM community will be able to purchase, recommend and share your design.


At NO FIRM we use a financing model called “minimum or nothing.” If your design does not sell the minimum number of units, no money will change hands and it will not be produced. This reduces risk for everyone involved, including you, and ensures the production agreements in place are fulfilled.

If everything goes well, your design will go through the following phases:

First phase (Pre-Order)

The first thing you will see on your live product page is the product status and progress bar. Immediately after going live, it will appear in Pre-Order status. This means that customers can pre-order your product until the minimum number of units required for production is sold, but they will only be charged if the minimum is reached. Remember that this minimum is a necessary part of our model in order to guarantee production.

Second phase (Shop Now)

What happens when the minimum is met but the deadline is still open? In this case, the product status will change to Shop Now, so customers can buy it directly until the maximum number of units is reached or the deadline expires. What’s better, in this second phase, the price goes down as more people buy! Once production is guaranteed we lower the price according to demand.

As you will see, demand is key to this process. In the next step we talk about the importance of sharing your creation with fans, friends and community. The more people who see it, the more likely they are to support you; and the more support you receive, the more likely it is to be brought to life. We call this attraction.

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