Patterns & Prototype

What does NO FIRM need to manufacture a garment? Clear and legible patterns, and a prototype that best represents your intentions. Have everything ready. This is where our work begins on producing your idea!

Before your product page goes live we will

Select the best producers for your design, taking as much care as possible to stay true to your idea. At NO FIRM we believe in a concept of fair and local trade. We only work with European manufacturers that provide decent working conditions for their employees.

Ask the producer about the minimum and maximum quantities that can be manufactured in three weeks, and about the corresponding minimum and maximum prices. Remember that prices are based exclusively on production costs, ensuring respect for the manufacturer and preventing speculation. The NO FIRM business model is fully transparent, so we post the price breakdown on your product page for anyone to see.

Agree on a production schedule in line with our shipping policy, so that all customers will receive your design within a reasonable time frame.
Wait a second. Are you an artist who produces your designs yourself? Let us know so we can contact you to become a producer for us. You know your profession better than anyone!

This is where our part of the work ends. Everything related to production is settled and ready to go. Now it’s time to show your design to the world as your product page goes live! 
But, what then? In the next step we’ll explain how your customers can start ordering your design.

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